Cool site, but Why?


I unwittingly discovered "flow" on a tower in Moab during my first climbing trip outdoors. A few months later, I learned it not only had a name but was an extremely common phenomenon among outdoor athletes. I've been obsessed with the concept ever since. I had to share this incredible feeling, along my journey to seek it out and master it, with others. 

I decided to create my own site after becoming increasingly disenfranchised with the adventure sites and social media accounts I was following. They were more interested in promoting products, sharing overused John Muir quotes, and taking pretty yet highly saturated photos than in telling the gritty stories that brought them to that photogenic moment or in sharing the emotions that surged through them while on their outdoor adventure, which many of us find inspiring. I was craving something different, something real. 

Here you won’t find photos of me in a tribal print blanket contemplating the sunrise nor will you read through endless inspirational quotes; what you will find are real stories and features designed to highlight the behind-the-scenes work and the less-than-photogenic side of adventuring and training as an outdoor athlete. As I like to say, it's not all sunsets and summits. I hope that by sharing my journey, mistakes and low points included, you will find inspiration to pursue your own passions and not let fear of failure keep you from attempting your own greatness.